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Tamiko P.

“We signed up for puppy classes for our new family member. The teacher is great and very knowledgeable. Our main goal is to socialize our puppy and this class is a great way to do that.”

Ally B.

“Our goldendoodle, Dug, went to Bark Tutor for puppy pre-school and we couldn't be happier. Deb was outstanding!”

Tim S.

“We took our three month old puppy, Louis, here for training in the puppy day school. We were so incredibly impressed. While it may seem expensive at first, if you shop around and consider the prices for just a dog walker every day for four weeks, they're fairly comparable - and that doesn't include the awesome training you get at Bark Tutor. I loved the fact that I could drop off my dog in the morning on my way to work and pick him up afterwards. The "transition lesson" upon pickup was a nice touch - it helped me feel involved and gave me a good idea of what to practice. The staff was incredibly friendly throughout the class and more than willing to work with us when our dog got sick for three days. They were super patient with Louis and helped internalize a lot of good behaviors. He knows a lot of basic commands after the puppy school: sit, down, stay, polite behavior at doorways, and other important things. The most important thing to make this worth your money is doing the "homework" at home. They do a good job in transition lessons letting you know what you need to work on with your dog; ignore it, and you won't get the results you want!””

Elizabeth C.

“Holly has been in school at Bark Tutor since she was just a baby. She is now (still a baby) but eight months old and doing great. She has learned all the basic commands and I have learned how to communicate with her effectively so that we both have a happy and mutually beneficial existence. A huge part of how "well" Holly is doing now can be attributed to everything I have learned and she has experienced at Bark Tutor. The blocks of lessons you can purchase for training are very reasonably priced. The staff is professional and very attentive. We cannot say enough about how grateful we are to Bark Tutor for the experience we have had there. A+++++ We are still attending Bark Tutor and will be so sad when she "graduates." We will have to continue using their services and take her to their wonderful daycare. Bark Tutor has been a blessing to our little family. ”

Jennifer L.

“The Bark Tutor staff trained our puppy who was about 12 weeks old when he started at the school. He did the four week long puppy training course. We dropped him off in the morning and picked him up late afternoon/early evening. This place "paws" down is the BEST. Our puppy, who is highly energetic had started nipping and needed to learn some manners such as how to come when called, how to sit and how walk on a leash to name a few items. We were looking for all the basics, plus we were very eager to get him socialized around other dogs. Bark Tutor exceeded our expectations. Michelle was our dog's trainer and was fabulous, but all the employees there impressed me. When we walked in with our puppy each morning, the staff greeted him (just the way the staff would greet a child at a childcare facility). Our puppy LOVED going every day. He came home exhausted (a good thing since he slept well at night) and he learned all sorts of new skills. We have recommended Bark Tutor to several other dog owners and at least one of our friends has used it for her new puppy and she has been very happy, too. The other thing we really liked about Bark Tutor is the staff there love being around dogs and that they like their jobs there.”

Barry F.

“We have taken our puppy to Bark Tutor for training classes and for occasional doggie daycare.We have used Bark Tutor for two months now and we are extremely pleased. The staff, the training, and the daycare service have all been excellent. They specifically use positive reinforcement training rather than corrective measures training, and this has made a world of difference in training our puppy. ”

Jane S.

“Bark Tutor provides weekly classes for training my dog Fantastic! I could not be more pleased with the training I have received at Bark Tutor. Their trainers are extremely knowledgeable and go out of their way to help with all of my training needs. This is a first class operation.”

Jeffrey B.

“I used Bark Tutor School for Dogs for basic dog training. They do a fantastic job and I have recommended them to friends of mine. My dog just seems to do what the trainer wants. The trainer has a great way with animals. I will use them again in the future.”

Paula H.

“Have been training our puppy there for almost a year. It has been worth every penny. It's fun and the interaction gives you the best out of your new pet.”

Christina C.

“This was such a great place to send our dog! My husband, myself, and our sheltie mix went through the three levels of training and passed the CGC testing. Our dog is extremely high-energy and they worked with us and really taught us how to work with him. We were never disappointed with any of our visits. They often stayed late and talked with us and answered all of our questions after classes. We had both Anne and Deb and they were equally amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone with a dog.”