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Our Commands

Keeping verbal and hand signal commands consistant can help you and your dog to communicate more effectively during training. Below is the list of commands that we use while training at Bark Tutor:

  • Name Recognition: Dog looks to owner for direction when he hears his name and is able to hold his attention on his owner with low distractions (other dogs stationary in class): Dogs focus is on the owner – facial recognition, not looking at hands or treat bag. 
  • Polite Greeting: Dog is able to remain calm in a sit or a stand position while a visitor walks up and converses with his owner. Dog does not come into visitor’s personal space or lose self-control and begin jumping. Visitor is not to talk to dog. 
  • Sit and down: Dog responds to cue w/ verbal or hand signal (non verbal), owner upright.
  • Come: Other dogs will be stationary in class while the instructor holds the dog and the owner walks out turns and calls his dog. Instructor will be ignoring the dog.
  • Let's Go: Loose Leash Walking (LLW)-Dog should be able to walk across width of training room without pulling on leash. Other dogs in class will be stationary.
  • Wait: Dog does not try to cross threshold until owner releases dog. Owner is not to prompt his dog to sit, but the dog may choose to sit on his own.
  • Stay: Dog should be able to maintain position for a duration of two minutes with low to moderate distractions – owner bends down to tie his shoe, takes three steps back and returns to release the dog, sits down in a chair.
  • Leave it: Dog responds to cue while stationary and out for a walk. Owner is able to drop or walk past food, a toy or another dog and use the Leave It cue to redirect their dogs focus.
  • Drop it: Dog will drop item. This will allow owner to remove an object that the dog is not to have. Also will make fetching and playtime easier.
  • Place: Dog will go to a designated place on a bed and stay there until released.