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Day School

Day School

We offer a variety of day school programs to help fit your needs. These range from puppy programs to adult or advanced courses. Our full-time day school programs allow our students to learn basic obedience and polite manners while you are at work! Students enrolled in a day school program need to arrive at Bark Tutor Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. Departure is scheduled between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. We will have a twenty minute transition lessons every other day during departure and provide homework to keep you on track when working with your dog at home. 

Puppy Pre-School

The Puppy Preschool is open to dogs 8 to 16 weeks of age. Students enrolled in our Puppy Preschool will spend their day being socialized with other dogs, meeting new people and learning valuable life skills. This program is a three week training program and includes the following core areas:
Facilitation of house training
Sit, down, wait, come, leave it, stay, and loose leash walking
Crate training 
Socialization with other dogs, people, novel objects and sounds. 
Nipping and rough play 
Aggression prevention
Sit for greeting

High School

Our High School program runs for five consecutive days and is appropriate for students five months and older. This program introduces the following foundation behaviors with low distractions:
  • Name recognition and attention
  • Loose leash walking
  • Sit and down
  • Wait at doorways
  • Come when called


Our PHD program is for High School or Puppy School graduates. This will help you and your dog to build on previously learned skills and behaviors. The student will be able to better master impulse control and focused attention with increasing levels of distraction.
New skills will include:
  • Leave it
  • Stay